Jet Pulse Collector Sequential Timer


Jet Pulse Sequential Timer


General Specifications 

•   IP56 Protection
•   Integration to Automation systems (PLC, SCADA)
•   Durable Transistor / Triac output
•   220V AC / 24V DC output option
•   Easy programmable menu
•   English and Turkish language option
•   Energy saving DP Algorithm
•   Special mode for compartment systems

 Technical Specifications

 Operating Voltage   : 110/220V AC 
 Operating Frequency  : 50/60 Hz
 Power Consumption  : 25W
 Display  : 2x16 Character LCD
 Solenoid Output Count  : 4-32 (based on request)
 Solenoid Output Type  : Transistor(DC) – Triac(AC)
 Pressure Input Range  : 0-70 mbar (0-1 psi)
 Maximum Pressure (P1  : 750 mbar (0.75 bar) (10 psi)
 Analog Output Type  : 4-20 mA (0-70mbar) (max. 750Ω)
 Alarm Output Type  : Single Contact NO Relay
 Alarm Output Rating  : 5A @277 VAC / 30V DC (resistive)
 Protection Class  : IP56
 Cable Diameter  : 0.75mm2 / 21 AWG
 Mounting Type  : Wall Mount
 Dimensions  : 310mmx320mmx160mm (WxHxD)

Usage Areas 

Flue gas treatment industry
Iron and steel industry
Dust paint and enamel coating booths
Quarry and mining industry
Tobacco, chemicals and glass industries
Food, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper industries
Woodworking and furniture industries
Silo Venting
Ready-mixed concrete and cement industry


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