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Our company suits needs of electrical control panels and electronic boards for automation systems in internal and external market since the day it was established in 2005. We are providing solutions for automation systems, electrical panels, software and technical support services with the knowledge and experience gained in years on our field.

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L.V. Dist. Panels MCC Panels Automation Electronic

 “Extensible, Flexible LV Distribution Panels” 


 http://www.toramanotomasyon.com/img/uploads/a.g-panolari.jpgWe are Manufacturing AG panels with Appropriate to International Standards and Tip Test certificate (DIN EN 60439-1) 
Switchyard for the Group of Materials SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, MOELLER, ABB Brands
Offer Options to Our Customers.

"Effective Solutions By Appropriate Cost In The MCC's"

  İn http://www.toramanotomasyon.com/img/uploads/mmc.jpgThe Small Scale Machines; We Provide More Automatic, Fast, Appropriate Cost and Having Possibility of Operator Adjustment. We Produce Appropriate Technology and Highly Reliable Panels.

The Best Automation for Processing Material by Safely, More Effective Time”

Our Team Provides
• Optimisation to Manufacturing time in The Machines 
• Maximum Raw Material Saving end of Automation İnstallation
• Easy-useful SCADA designs.

“ Boundless Imagination With User-Oriented R&D Activities of The Microcontroller Circuits ”

http://www.toramanotomasyon.com/img/uploads/elektronik.jpgMicroprocessor based electronic systems Covering your all wishes, Terms of Cost and Special to You, Increasing Number of Machines. it's very difficult to copy ideas by others, and has no limit can be possible.