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Timer for Over Silo Filters | Toraman Automation Systems


Timer for Over Silo Filters

Timer for Over Silo Filters | Toraman Otomasyon
General specifications

• Microprocessor Based
• Industrial IP55 Enclosure Box With transparent glass lid
• Using in 24V DC, 24V AC Solenoids
• Main board has 2 outputs, maximum 6 outputs can be added
• Each card has 2 outlets
• If the solenoid is not connected at the outputs or there is a short circuit at the output, the card will not exit.
• DP module can be installed on demand
• Shock duration can be adjusted with dip switches (5 - 90 sec)
Pulse duration can be adjusted with dip switches (0.10 - 0.30 ms)
• In emergencies or optionally, a signal can be placed on standby.
• All connections are made with socket connectors.

General specifications

Operating Voltage : 110/220V AC
Operating Frequency : 50/60Hz
Feed Power Consumption : 25W
Max Number of Outlets on a Clipboard : 8
Output voltage, Current max. : (24V – 1A)
DP measuring range : 0 - 70 mbar
Analogue Output Rate : 0 mbar> 4 mA , 70mbar>20mA
DP Hose Diameter : 4mm Pneumatic Hose
Protection Class : IP 56
Ambient temperature : -10 °C to +120 °C
Connection style : All Connections are Made With Socket Terminals
Mounting method : Mounting on Filter
Dimensions : 205mmx255mmx102mm (WxDxH)

Characteristics of Timer with Dp

• No Need To Use An Extra Transmitter To Measure The Difference Pressure. The Transmitter Is Available On The Card. Displays the Differential Pressure on the Screen and Provides 4 ... 20mA Analog Output. No need for an extra supply for analog output. There is Pressure Difference High Alarm (When the difference pressure read on the screen exceeds the set value, it outputs 24V voltage at the ends of the alarm output. When the value below the set value drops the voltage drops to zero)
Difference Pressure Operation is as the Following;
• Lower and Upper Limits of the Differential Pressure Required are Recorded. The lower and upper limits desired to be at the time of shock are recorded. If the Difference Pressure is at Minimum Value or Less, It Counts Max Freezing Time. If the difference pressure starts to rise, it counts the time of shock by decreasing the time of shock to the inverse proportion. In this way, unnecessary air consumption is prevented.