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“Safely working material, Best automation for efficient time”

Our firm provides software and hardware turnkey automation service from design to commissioning in machines or industrial facilities with its expert team who has adapted the following principles as philosophy:
• Providing optimization in the production process of the machines after the automation installation.
• Maximum raw material savings in the facilities
• Maximum human security
• Developing easy-to-use PLC, SCADA design.
We take care to produce all our automation panel applications in accordance with the minimum protection class IP54 and TSE, IEC, ROSH standards.

In automation materials, SIEMENS, ABB, OMRON, DELTA and PHOENİX CONTACT brands are our preference.

We recommend SIEMENS, ABB, OMRON, BALLUFF, BANNER, FESTO and PEPPERL & FUCHS brands to our customers in Automation Field Equipment.

Thanks to the communication protocols we use, the automation systems or machines we install have the feature of being expanded and compatible with different systems.

Our expertise is Turnkey industrial filter automation, wastewater treatment plant, Paint booth and heating-cooling automation and Machine revision, but we also provide intensive services in the following subjects.
• Complete automation system installation in industrial facilities
• Jet pulse filter control automation
• Heating - cooling automation in shopping mall projects
• Automation and remote control in infrastructure facilities with SCADA and RTU systems
• Fan - Filter control automation
• Revision service in automation machines
• Motion control in industrial machines with servo motor
• Special conveyor applications requiring positioning
• Automatic Bakery machines
• Rotary table machines
• Machining machines
• Machine-specific automation software for industrial machines
• Periodic automation service - maintenance services

Otomasyon | Toraman Otomasyon

“Effective solution with affordable cost in motor control circuits”

We manufacture control panels that are suitable for technology, that can be adjusted by the operator, are controllable, continuons and extremely safe, in order to make small-scale machines automatically, quickly and cost-effectively. We provide services for the panels we make with our experienced staff who have adopted customer satisfaction as principle in case of periodic or malfunction within and outside the province.
We manufacture modular panels with expandable features in accordance with international standards for MCC panels.
We take care that all our MCC panel applications are produced in accordance with the minimum protection class IP54 and TSE, IEC, ROSH standards.
We offer SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, MOELLER, ABB Brand Options for our Switchgear Group.

• Synchronization boards for industrial plants
• Synchronization boards for shopping mall projects
• Control panels for industrial machines
• MCC Panels for Fan Motors
• Cooling group panels
• Fan - Filter control panels
• Treatment plant MCC panels
• Gas stations MCC panels
• Cement sector control panels and MCC panels


• Projecting
• Panel assembly plan
• Labeling for easy use
• Life safety warning labels
• Electrical working test
• User guide
• Service support services

Otomasyon | Toraman Otomasyon

“Your limit is your imagination with user oriented R&D studies in micro control circuits"”

As the number of machines increases, microprocessor based electronic systems are the control systems that can fully meet your requests in terms of cost and unique design.
Copying your ideas by others is very difficult and there is no limit to what can be done.
Our electronic applications:

• Electronic R&D and device designs specific to the machine or company
• In the light of the latest technological developments, customer-specific electronic device mass production
• Microprocessor software for electronic cards
• Project-based technical support within the scope of electronics
Our engineer R&D staff who will work with you during the Project Development process will carry out the Work stages within your knowledge and alternative solutions are developed within the scope of QUALITY-COST considering your needs. Serial production is started when the customer request is fully met by making error analysis and unique designs.


• Product description and evaluation of customer requests
• Presenting the prototype design to the customer
• Product costing
• Sample productions and tests
• After the test, analysis of possible faults that may ocur
• New prototype after failure prevention Works
• Transition to mass production with the approval of mass production by the customer

"Filter Timer Device for a cleaner future"
Timer device for filtersOur filter timer devices are devices that control the detonation valves of industrial filters depending on time and can be easily programmed by the end user.
Our IP 65 level insulated filter timer devices, which we manufacture and carry out R&D work, work smoothly, especially in the casting industry, at home and abroad.
Facilities and application areas where our filter timer devices are used;
• Mining, Oil, Gas, Paper, manufacturing industry, Metal processing industry filters
• Restaurant restaurant type chimney filters
• Machining furniture industry
• Paint booth filters
• Chimney filters for wet paint booths
• Dust collection systems
• Flue gas treatment systems
• Digital press filters
• Jet pulse filter systems and timer control

Otomasyon | Toraman Otomasyon

“Expandable, flexible AG Panels ”

We manufacture type tested (DIN EN 60439-1) Expandable modular panels in accordance with international standards for AG distribution panels.
We take care that all our MCC panel applications are produced in accordance with the minimum protection class IP54 and TSE, IEC, ROSH standards.
We offer SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, MOELLER, ABB brand options to our customers for the switchgear material group.
The main usage areas of our panels are Industrial facilities, Commercial and construction areas, AVM projects, Infrastructure facilities, Housing projects and industrial areas.

• Factory distribution boards
• Counter distribution boards
• Compensation boards
• Generator Transfer panels
• Energy monitoring and control board
• Lighting boards


• Projecting
• Panel assembly plan
• Labeling for easy use
• Life safety warning labels
• Insulation tests
• Electrical working test
• User guide
• Service support services